6 Pocket Hanging Handbag Organizer


The 6 pocket hanging handbag wardrobe closet organizer save closet shelf space while neatly storing purses, small blankets, sheets, towels, and other linens.

Made of premium non-woven fabric and transparent PVC with 6 compartments, can stand wear and tear, and will not shrink in the wash, great for long term daily use.

Six large-sized slots, the front three and the back three organizers allow a large number of handbags to be stored.

With super strong stitching to ensure the organizer won’t loosen.

The sturdy stainless steel hook can hang on a standard closet rod, shelves, door, etc.

Anti-dust, large capacity, breathable and convenient to use.

Not only suitable for home, but also for places where the room is limited like a dorm.


Material: Non-woven fabric + PVC
Handbag Holder Size: About 90 x 35 x 32 cm
Each Pocket Slot Size: About 28 x 24 cm x 16.5
Advantages: Foldable, anti-dust, breathable, mildew-proof, space-saving
Suitable For: Clothing, cosmetics, sundries, bags, etc

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