Silicone Nano Gel Pad

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Silicone Nano Gel Pads can provide great suction mounts on any surface while allowing repeatable use with no residue after removing, which offers you a traceless experience. Such a great gadget for home and office use!

Made of environmentally friendly PU glue, it is durable, super-viscous, sticky, and non-toxic.

Silicone Nano Gel Pad Features:
  • It can stick anything anywhere, for example, your phone, iPad, key, camera, speaker, or various small devices and items. It can stick to glass, metal, wood, plastic, tile, and leather and leave no sticky traces. It can collect headphones, chargers, small items, etc. To help you become more tidy and more convenient to find what you need.
  • It can be a cell phone holder for a car, sticky machine seat, high temperature resistance, no deformation, lasting, and durable.
  • Remove the protective film and attach it directly to the surface of the object. Press it on the multi-function sticker to attach it to the surface of the object without it falling off.

    After repeated use, the viscosity will drop. You only need to clean the surface dust with water (excessive dust will cause the viscosity to drop during use), and it will return to viscosity immediately after drying. Keep the contact surface clean and dry, not on rough, greasy, delicate, or granular surfaces. Avoid placing valuable or irreplaceable items on it.

    How do I use it?
    1. Remove the first protective film and stick the pad on the surface and press all over the gel to make the grip stronger.
    2. Then remove the second film and place the object you want to immobilize.
    3. The middle groove can wrap the data cable or the wired earphone.

      Package included: 1 gel pad

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