Pressure Point Therapy Massager

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If you experience neck pain or muscle knots, owning a pressure point therapy massager would be of great help. It’s a portable neck massager that you can use in the comfort of your own home or even on the go.


1. ABS-thick material, high strength test, not easy to break
2It relieves stress through massage, especially for people who live under high stress for a long time.
3. Concave and non-slip design; comfortable grip
4. The top-raised design acts as a cushioning effect, increasing elasticity and making the product stronger
5. Through massage, relieve stress, improve blood circulation, relieve waist, back, and leg pain and fatigue, and massage ease of mind.

  • RELIEVE MUSCLE PAIN RELEASE FATIGUE: The two soft yet firm silicone balls can help loosen up the tense muscles by focusing on the main pressure trigger points. You can press, squeeze, and knead to release your tight, stiff, and aching muscles on your neck, shoulder, or leg.
  • NECK MASSAGER BOOSTS CIRCULATION Blood flow: increases blood flow and circulation. It relieves tension, fatigue, neck stiffness, and neck pain. Promotes healing for stress, headaches, and migraines.
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE DUAL HEAD DESIGN: The ergonomic handle design makes it easy to handle and control a comfortable massage direction and intensity. The dual trigger point massager balls are designed to feel like a massage therapist’s hands, deep penetrating the muscles for instant pain relief.
  • Portable Lightweight Manual Massager: Give yourself a deep tissue massage at home, in your office, or while on the road. Powerful massage provides instant pain relief for tight, achy muscles and stiff necks.
  • Specifications:
    Material: PP plastic + ABS
    Ball Material: Silicone balls
    Size: Approx. 35.2 x 17 cm (13.85 x 6.69 inches)
    Color: Random
  • Package Includes: 1 x Pressure Point Therapy Massager
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