Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier

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Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier, HD Video Amplifier, 3D Phone Screen Magnifier, / Smart Phone Screen Magnifier

If you watch many movies and videos on your smartphone and want to reduce the visual fatigue and discomfort caused by focusing on a small screen for a long time, then our smartphone screen magnifier is a perfect solution!

Why choose our 3D HD Phone Screen Magnifier?

  • Widely compatible with all smartphones
  • Using HD optical technology to enlarge 3–4 times on the screen of mobile phone, the picture is clear, providing you with the most unique visual enjoyment.
  • Can also filter harmful light sources to provide radiation protection and prevent visual fatigue caused by long-term reading of novels and watching movies and videos.
  • It is delicate, compact, lightweight, and thin, so it is easy to carry. Suitable for indoors, travel, camping, and anywhere.
  • No battery required, energy saving and also environmental protection.
  • This is a good gadget for leisure and entertainment; mini phone screen magnifier accessories for watching TV, film, video, etc.; and anti-blue radiation to protect our eyes.

Material: Fresnel Acrylic Lenses + ABS
Magnification: 3–4 times

1. The best distance to watch the video is 1-3 meters.
2. The brightness of the screen of the mobile phone is brighter and better.
3. Please use this product in a low-light environment; the viewing effect will be more obvious and prominent. You may experience some reflections when using it in strong lights.


  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: This Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier works with all makes and models of smartphones. Just put the phone into the smartphone screen amplifier, and you can easily enjoy the home theater-like effect.
  • HD SCREEN AMPLIFIER: - adopts the HD Fresnel Lens, which works just like a projector screen, effectively magnifying your phone's screen by 3–4 times, so you can enjoy movies and games on your smartphone to the fullest in HD.
  • EYE PROTECTION: With the blue-ray design, the magnifying screen for mobile phones can prevent visual fatigue caused by reading novels and watching movies and videos for a long time, and the light shielding plate can prevent reflection and effectively protect eyesight.
  • PULL-OUT AND FOLDING DESIGN: The pull-out design can protect the lens well. HD-screen magnifier storage type with a rotating folding design. If the height is not enough, the height can be adjusted with the ring stand. It is super slim when folded and can also be carried around in your bag. Suitable for indoors, camping, journeys, leisure, anywhere, etc.
  • GIFT FOR FAMILY AND FRIENDS: - 3D phone screen enlarger is very easy to use, and the screen isn’t easily deformed. A good present for kids is to help them protect their eyes from close viewing distance. The best gift for the elderly is to make the screen more clear. The best choice of holiday gifts for your friends or loved ones.
  • Package includes : 1 magnifier
  • Note : Subject to availability