Door Draft Stopper

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Door Draft Stopper / Twin Draft Guard

The insulating device for doors with extra large gaps! Cold air stays out...Heat stays in. It saves energy and money! it makes heating and cooling your home more efficient.

Soft, economical and practical. Wind blocking, blocking dust, blocking the entry of various insects, saving energy, and environmental protection.

Twin Draft Guard is a double sided insulating device for doors and windows, the fabric draft stopper sleeve holds foam cylinders on opposite sides of a door, creating an airtight, draft-proof seal. Door Draft Guard works on any floor, even carpets, to insulate living areas, garages and basements.


  1. This cold air wind blocker is easy to install and stays in place; no need to re position.
  2. Economical and environmentally friendly; save energy by preventing cold drafts from entering the house.
  3. The draft guard is ultra versatile.
  4. Double-side for maximum protection
  5. Reduces heating and cooling costs
  6. Also reduces, dust and odors
  7. Color : Coffee
  8. Length : 36 inches
  9. The 36 inch stopper keeps the cold air out, the heat stays in with both sided protection
  10. Also great for blocking noise and fumes
  11. It easily move with the door and glides over carpet, wood, tile, linoleum
  12. Easily removable.
  13. The door strip can be quickly cleaned by machine washing , no more hand wash, save your time and labor.
  14. It is also suitable for windows to help prevent drafts and seal in hot or cold air.
  15. Noise blocker
  16. Wind blocker
  17. Dust proof
  18. Save energy
  19. Machine-washable
  20. Package Includes: 1 X Door Draft Stopper