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Buy Nina Silk Instant Hair Removal
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Silk Instant Hair Removal


  • Introducing Silk, the painless way to gently lift hair away. No plucking, no waxing, no shaving, no zapping. Unlike other products that feel like sandpaper and can irritate your skin. Nina Silks crystal silk surface glides on top of the skin, removing each hair in a gentle motion. No pain or irritation no matter how thick or thin Nina removes the hair instantly. This revolutionary pain-free hair removal system gets rid of unwanted hair.
  • No matter how thick or thin, from your legs to your chin, Nina removes the hair instantly and pain free!
  • Nina Silk rinses clean and it won’t wear out. So it will last for years and years. You’ll never pay for another wax kit or salon treatment again.
  • Nina is your ultimate hair removal solution for unwanted hair.
  • Crystal-silk surface instantly removes hair
  • No plucking, no waxing, no shaving, no zapping
  • No pain! No irritation
  • Slower hair regrowth & exfoliates for silky skin
  • Nina Micro is perfect for upper lip, chin, eyebrows and more

Key Features:
Quickly removes unwanted hair
No Plucking
No Waxing
No Shaving
Glide – Remove – Smooth

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